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We specialise exclusively in web development and web design courses, i.e. in the skills and technologies for designing, coding and programming websites or web applications, e.g.

Our Courses

To see our range of web design courses in each subject area, click through the preceding links, or click the menu buttons near the top of this page.

To go directly to individual course outlines, simply mouse over — or tab through — the sub-menus which drop down from the menu buttons. These sub-menus should be equally accessible on touch, text, screenreader and braille devices.

Our Offer

We understand that training budgets are tight, because we are a product of the recent recession — we’re owned and run by experienced trainers who used to work as freelancers for bigger training companies.

So we’re very competitive on price and service.

And we won’t waste your time:

  • Shoehorning trainees into courses that almost fit
  • Haggling over hidden discounts and ‘optional’ extras

We’ll tell you straight-out — plainly and simply on this site — about every option we can think of to:

  • Reduce the cost of training to you
  • Eliminate the bits of courses that you don’t need
  • Focus course content/delivery on productivity gains
  • Reduce the time spent buying training courses
  • Reduce the time trainees spend away from everyday work

But we won’t sacrifice quality and long-term productivity. Most of our courses include ‘best practice’ advice whose productivity benefits may take time to realise, e.g. encouraging standards-based markup that doesn’t need to change when you refresh your website’s ‘look and feel’. On the other hand, if you’re only learning HTML markup for email campaigns that will be forgotten in a few months time, we’ll happily cut out all the ‘nice to have’ — web-specific — advice.

And we’ll start from explicit pricing. On every course outline, you’ll see the full price (including and excluding VAT) — and we'll provide explicit links to any discounts or optional extras, e.g.

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