Expenses for Private Training Courses

Private training course costs typically include a charge for the trainers’ travel, accommodation and subsistence — in addition to the basic tutorial fee.

Unless they are waived or reduced as part of a convenience discount, these expenses are usually re-charged ‘at cost’, i.e.

  • We do not profit from them, in any way
  • We only charge for actual, receipted, outlays

And we try to keep such expenses to a reasonable minimum.

Trainers typically:

  • Travel second class — rail, budget airline, or equiv. mileage
  • Stay in budget accommodation — where possible
  • Keep subsistence costs low — normally £25 max. per day

Expenses may be limited or fixed — at the client's request.

But clients should be aware that such limits may result in higher charges, where quotes are based on estimates with built-in margins for error. More often than not, trainers will spend equal to or less than such an estimate.

Expenses may also be partially or entirely waived — as part of a pre-agreed discount for convenience.

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