SEO glossary entries for ‘F’

See ‘RSS’ and ‘Atom’.
Feed Aggregator
A feed aggregator is a ‘news aggregator’.
Feed Reader
A feed reader is a ‘news aggregator’.
Shorthand for ‘Firefox Web Browser’.
FFA Pages
See ‘Free for all Links Pages’.
FFA Site
See ‘Free for all Links Sites’.
Firefox SEO Extensions
Include: SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz, SeoQuake, SenSEO, Affilorama, SERPTrends, SiteMetrics SEO, SEO Workers Analysis Tool, SEO Blogger, Website SEO Analysis, WebRank Toolbar, SEO Analysis, Amplify, Snip-n-Tag, Social Whale extension, HttpFox, SearchStatus, SEO Status, Copy Title and Description, Text To Code Ratio, roboxt!, User Agent Switcher, WiseStamp, Shareaholic, Google Global, SenSEO, Foxy SEO Tool, KGen (Keyword Generator), SEOpen, TinyURL Generator, RDS bar, SearchGBY, AutoPager, Do Not Track Plus, Yoono, Flagfox, StumbleUpon, TinEye Reverse Image Search, BYTubeD, Pixlr Grabber.
Short-cut link, or synonym for ‘Deep Link’, i.e. a link to content on any page on a site, except the home page. Not a very useful concept.
Folksonomy is a portmanteau of the English words folk and taxonomy, coined by Thomas Vander Wal to describe user-generated systems for classifying and organising web content into categories, i.e. people-generated, rather than professionally designed, taxonomies. Ordinary webs users generate such taxonomies by tagging data sets and snippets using HTML (or HTML-related) ‘Metadata’, hence its synonyms: ‘Collaborative Tagging’, ‘Social Classification’, ‘Social indexing’, and ‘Social Tagging’. Folksonomies are particularly associated Web 2.0 services such as social bookmarking and photographic tagging applications, which often use ‘Tag Clouds’ to visualise vocabulary of a folksonomy and may use ‘Tag Graphs’ to visualise its structure.
A link which does not habe a nofollow attribute. Also known as a dofollow link.
The bottom part of the page, which often contains legal small print like a copyright notice, contact information, or a link to an ‘about us’ page. Usually a standard piece of HTML which is added to every page on the site, so links in the footer should be carefully targeted for SEO purposes.
Free for all Links Pages (FFA Pages) are the web pages on ‘Free for all Links Sites’.
A Free for all Links Site (FFA Site) is a web site that allows anyone to post links to their own website's URLs for free. Links from such sites typically reduce the value of the link target page, as far as search engines like Google are concerned, i.e. they are considered to be ‘Bad Neighbourhoods’. The business model for most FFA sites, relies on you giving them your email address in return for subscription, and them selling that email address on to spammers or using it for their own spamming purposes.
A search using natural language vocabulary, without being limited to a restricted set of keyword search terms and without using any special ‘Operators’, i.e. special words, symbols or text strings that act as instructions or filters for the search. See ‘Search Operators’, ‘Google Search Operators’, ‘Keyword’ and ‘Boolean Operators’.
See ‘File transfer Protocol’.

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