SEO glossary entries for ‘N’

A natural link profile is a ‘Link Profile’ which at least appears to be the result of organic, non-artificial, link generation and acquisition, i.e. a pattern of in-bound and out-bound links which accurately reflects both the range and quality of content on a site and the range and quality of the relationships that the site has with other sites. See ‘Link Profile’ and ‘Link Profile Tools’.
Natural SEO
SEM-speak for ‘SEO’.
Elements of a website that support user orientation and movement from one page to another.
Negative Keyword Tool
Software which identifies keywords you should avoid using. Often found in snake-oil software, pushing nonsense concepts like ‘Poison Keywords’. It might be useful to have a software check which helps you find and remove words or phrases that you specifically don't want to be found for.
Negative link velocity exists when a web site or page loses previous links faster than it gains new ones. See ‘Link Velocity’
Negative SEO
The process of using SEO techniques to demote, rather than promote, web pages and web sites in search engine results pages (‘SERPs’).
News Aggregator
A news aggregator is a software package, web application, or web site, which pulls together syndicated web content such as online newspapers, ‘blogs’, ‘podcasts’, ‘video blogs’ (‘vlogs’) in one location for easy reading. Also known as '‘feed aggregator’, ‘feed reader’, ‘news reader’, ‘RSS reader’ or ‘aggregator’.
News Reader
A news reader is a software package or web application for reading on-line news. There are two distinct concepts of news reader in common usage today. The newest usage is simply a synonym for ‘news aggregator’ or ‘feed reader’. The older usage refers to a software package designed to read and post ‘Usenet’ ‘NNTP’ news messages.
In SEO, news search is simply a specialist area of ‘search engine optimisation’ which concentrates exclusively on promoting particular news websites, or particular news content. A subeditor of an online newspaper who concentrates on ensuring that articles achieve a high rank in ‘Google News’ search results could be considered a news search professional. The same could be said of a public relations professional who concentrates on promoting stories in Google News.
Is a Google web search parameter which opens results in new window, if set to 1.
Niche Directories
A Niche Directory is a ‘Web Directory’ which occupies a specialist niche, i.e. its content is restricted to a relatively narrow range of topics, and is pre-eminent within its field.
Links which are tagged with rel=nofollow, which Google will ignore for the purposes of determining ‘page rank’. These are not ‘equity links’.
‘Non-Affiliated Pages’ and ‘Non-Affiliated Sites’
Non-Affiliated Pages
Non-Affiliated web pages are those which provide links to a given target page or site, based on disinterested criteria, e.g. without having any financial or private interest in the success or failure of the target. One of the primary goals of SEO link-building is to attract Backlinks from the subset of non-affiliated pages which Google et al. consider to be ‘Expert Pages’, i.e. the pages which determine which pages and sites are considered an ‘Authority Page’ or an ‘Authority Domain’.
Non-Affiliated Sites
Non-Affiliated are websites whose pages link to a given target page or site, without getting anything in return for providing those links. For more details see ‘Non-Affiliated Pages’
Is a Google web search parameter which defines the number or search results to be returned. The default is typically 10. SEO practitioners often want to test keyword searches using 100, or some other threshold, to identify ‘landing pages’ which are not performing brilliantly, but which may be improving or declining in a given period.

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