SEO glossary entries for ‘V’

Vanity Alert
Email or RSS alerts indicating the use of a personal or company name somewhere on the web or in social media.
Vertical Results
The results or SERPs from a ‘Vertical Search Engine’. See ‘Vertical Search’.
Focuses on a specific category of online content, based on topic, media type, or genre, etc. e.g. shopping, the airline industry, legal information, medical information, travel and tourism, etc. Some vertical search sites focus on a single segment of online content, while other others might include multiple segments within one search engine.
Vertical Search Engine
See ‘Vertical Search’.
Video Sitemap
Is an extension of the XML sitemap protocol to tag and organise video assets/content on a web site, so that they are more easily search-able and browse-able by users of both the web and TV electronic programming guides (EPG). Video sitemaps are a solution to several problems associated with searching for and browsing through video content by traditional web methods, e.g. Poor metadata tagging of video files by their creators, very limited metadata tagging opportunities in some video file formats, the hiding of video metadata behind pay walls, the primary orientation of generic XML sitemaps to textual content on public websites.
Vince Update
The Vince Update is an update to Google's ranking algorithm which significantly increased the rank of big brand sites for a limited range of searches related to those brands. See ‘Big Brand Preference’.

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