SEO glossary entries for ‘U’

See ‘User Generated Content’.
Uniform Resource Identifier
A string of characters used to identify a computing resource, by name (URNs) or location (URLs).
Uniform Resource Locator
The address of an internet resource. Technically speaking, it is only a true URL when the resource is available at that address.
Uniform Resource Name
Identifies a computing resource by name, rather than by location. It does not imply availability of that resource.
Searches that integrate various media types into a single search result listing, including but not limited to websites, blogs, video, news. These appear in addition to organic results, as image results, new results, featured snippets, etc.
Uniform Resource Identifier.
See ‘Uniform Resource Locator’; sometimes called a ‘Universal Resource Identifier’.
URL Seeding
Providing a robot/bot/spider/crawler with an initial set of URLs to request and examine. Most bots will then extract further URLs to examine, from the pages found on the seeded URLs. Once seeded, bots may iterate infinitely over the URLs that they discover in each batch of web pages retrieved.
See ‘Uniform Resource Name’.
User Generated Content
Any content on your website which is created by people who do not belong to your organisation or its web team.

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