SEO glossary entries for ‘T’

Tag Clouds
A Tag Cloud is a visual representation for text data, which typically depicts the most popular keyword ‘Metadata’ tags used on a web page or web site. The tags themselves are usually single words whose importance or frequency of use is signified by font size and/or color. Tag clouds whose keywords are hypertext links may be used to navigate user-generated site categories (see ‘Folksonomy’), but their primary role is to show the relative importance of different topics within a site. Synonyms: ‘Word Cloud’, ‘Weighted List’.
Tag Graphs
A Tag Graph is a data-based illustration which displays the structure of a ‘Folksonomy’, i.e. reveals the set relationships and links between the components of a user-generated system of categories. Interactive tag graphs, Such as Flickr's See ‘Folksonomy’.
Tag-based Tracking
See ‘Client-side Tracking’.
Targetted Search Engine
Synonym for ‘Vertical Search Engine’.
A ‘paid link’ which you effectively rent, usually by paying a monthly fee for as long as you want the link to be kept on the originating site. These are typically links in places like a ‘blogroll’ or a ‘footer’, which appear on every page of the site.
Temporary redirect
See ‘302’.
See ‘Term Frequency’.
Title Tag
Loose term for ‘Title Attribute’.
Tom Anthony
SEO Practitioner.
Top Heavy algorithm
Is the set of logical rules which Google uses to reward mobile-friendly pages within its overall ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm.
Top Heavy update
See ‘Top Heavy algorithm’.
Topical Community
Topical Community is a concept used by search engine developers and ‘SEO’ specialists to describe all the websites, pages, blogs and other social media grouped around the same topic or interest, e.g. all the sites interested in the same particular sport, the dame artistic genre, the same academic subject, etc.
Tracking Code
A small computer program that records user actions on and across web pages and presents them to one or more additional programs for analysis.
Queries that include terms indicating and intention to carry out a commercial transaction, e.g. ‘buy’, ‘purchase’, ‘hire’, ‘rent’ something, etc.
Trellian Keyword Discovery
A proprietary tool which claims to tell you the search phrases people use to find given products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors. Obviously, the latter is marketing tosh. Words don't drive anyone anywhere.
Trust Flow
A metric promoted by Majestic SEO. This number is supposed to predict trustworthiness of a URL, based on its backlinks. Links from within ‘trusted neighbourhoods’ are more, obviously, considered more trustworthy than links from spammy neighbourhoods.

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